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What is a Plagiarism report?

Academic integrity in an assignment is the elementary check for students to know that their work is done with proper citation and techniques. Therefore, to ensure this integrity Turnitin –a designed ‘words/text-matching’ software– reports are generated educating students about the plagiarism found in a particular submission. It is one of the recommended tools used by teachers or lecturers to do an initial screening of the assignment.

How does the Turnitin report work?

A Turnitin report points out the similarity percentage of text in the document to the text in already published sources. It also links the unoriginal content to that specific source. It guides the student to take the report as a helpful insight to improve their writing.

How effective is it to get a plagiarism report by ProjectVala?

It becomes imperative to validate the in-hand paper, so we suggest you detect and do the needful until it’s with you. The Plagiarism check with us is swift and reliable. Our team accesses the Turnitin Similarity Checker and submits the report by considering all the elements of plagiarism and highlighting the unoriginal content. Therefore, it lets you enhance your assignment.

Let us improve your content by bringing up the originality of it.

How much does it cost to get the plagiarism report from ProjectVala?

At ProjectVala, you can get authentic Turnitin plagiarism reports from as low as INR 66. The price for a single Turnitin report is INR 89, but if you buy three Turnitin reports at a go, the cost would be INR 198 or INR 66 each. The amount of time you had invested in your academic draft deserves a plagiarism check to ensure you do not submit a plagiarised document.

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Please note that universal truth, proverbs, and known facts are not included in plagiarism. Also, structure your citation of work surely to avoid any similarity in your work.

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