Registrations for ProjectVala Campus
Ambassador Programme '20 are open

The programme facilitates and nurtures the skills to contribute to your career growth.

We want to empower, strengthen and groom select students across India who will serve

as ProjectVala community specialists, brand evangelists and experts in their respective institutions.

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What do you get?

Campus Marketing Experience

Deploy marketing campaigns and assist in planning, execution and coordination.


Exciting Rewards

Customised promo codes, free services from ProjectVala and more, every month.

Contest Rewards

Let’s just say an all expense paid trip to Goa or other cities is one of them.

Exclusive Partner Programme

With Campus Ambassador Programme, every month you will be entitled to unlimited cash benefits and discount on services of ProjectVala and its partner.

Who should join?

At ProjectVala, we are looking for enthusiastic, social members of the community who will play a big part in the global community.

As a ProjectVala Campus Ambassador, you’ll be responsible for generating brand awareness & helping us to acquire new customers. 

You’ll play a vital role in ProjectVala’s success, taking the lead in building and managing your campus squad to fuel growth on your campus and beyond.

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